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3400 Piazza De Oro Way #100
Oceanside, CA, 92056
United States

(609) 802 - 3744

Yoga Practice

Everyone should have access to yoga, meditation and life enriching wellness activities.

Firefly: Lighting from within

Firefly Yoga and Wellness was conceived with the intent to spread the teachings of yoga to all community members. With the belief that everyone should have access to yoga instruction, wellness classes and overall life enriching events, it is our intent to live everyday with love in our hearts, compassion for our neighbors and the understanding that we are all here to find our own light within, from there, we can begin to illuminate our community.

What is HATHA Yoga?

The word Hatha comes from the Sanskrit terms “Ha”, meaning sun, and “Tha”, meaning moon. The practice seeks to unite and balance pairs of opposites: right and left, female and male, hot and cold, rationality and intuition, movement and calm. These opposites all exist in our bodies and minds, but we have the tendency to favor one of the other. Hatha Yoga classes are designed to even our imbalances, bringing unity between body, mind, and spirit. Through the continued practice of asanas (yoga poses), you gain flexibility and strength, relieve tension and stress and become more centered and aware of your complete being. Most physical forms of yoga styles and practices have originated from Hatha yoga.

Yoga...a moving meditation

At Firefly, we believe in a challenging practice, not just for the physical body, but for the mind and spirit as well.  Meditation, quieting the mind and developing a sense of awareness can be the most challenging aspect for any new yoga practitioner. In our culture, we are trained to stay moving, mindless and forward thinking.  A slower moving yoga practice can be just the tool needed to recreate patterns in the busy mind, which can carry over and have a lasting effect in so many other aspects of your life.

We are all connected to every living thing on this is okay to remember that in all spheres of life. Let your connectedness to the earth and its beings create a foundation of principles to guide every aspect of your existence. ♥ Wishing peace and happiness to all beings.
— Firefly Yoga

Original Lawrenceville, NJ studio location...where it all began. ♥

Origin of the 8-Limb Yoga System

It Western society, many yoga classes are hyper-focused on "asana", or the poses, but this is only one of the eight limbs of Yoga described by Pantanjali in the Yoga Sutras. He wrote of eight limbs of yoga, which if practiced together, could be a path to a richer, more purposeful life. The eight limbs of yoga, as he described, as are follows:

  1. Yamas - 5 Moral Restraints, Ethical Standards
  2. Niyamas - 5 Spiritual Observances, Self Disciplinary practices
  3. Asana- Physical Postures, Focused Flow, Stregthening and Movement
  4. Pranayama - Mindful Breathing, Breath Control, Breath/Emotion/Mind Connection
  5. Pratyahara - Withdrawal or Sensory Transcendence, Detachment, Self Witness and Awareness
  6. Dharana - Concentration, Focusing Attention on Single Point
  7. Dhyana - Meditation, Contemplation, Uninterrupted Concentration
  8. Samadhi - State of Bliss, Pure Peace, Oneness with Universe, Spiritual Illumination


Natalie DiMambro, E-RYT:  A student of yoga and meditation since 1999, Natalie brings to her classes a variety of practice modalities highlighting the eight limbs of yoga and chakras (energy centers in the body). Teaching since 2009, her experience has lead her to focus on breath, movement, self-awareness, intuition and moving energy through the body.   She strives to make each yoga class accessible to any level student, offering modifications where needed, and suggestions for ease, in any pose or meditation posture. 

Natalie is not just a believer in, but her life is proof, that a yoga practice can enhance work, family, relationships, and both physical and emotional health, revealing to the practitioner a possible path to spiritual freedom. As a director in medical marketing for a publishing company based in NYC, Natalie believes that yoga can be integrated into any job or lifestyle - and is needed more than ever to help us all release everyday stress, anxiety and fear so that we may live more joyful lives.

If you are looking for a class where the focus is opening the heart, and feeling more connected to those around you, her style of yoga may be just what you are seeking. Yoga has been the greatest gift to her, and her own healing, and she hopes to share this sacred practice with anyone who is open to learning, growing and tapping into a greater sense of connection, love and awareness. 

Natalie's professional yoga certifications include Yoga Alliance E-RYT 200/RYT-500;  Certified Street Yoga Teacher; 100-hour New Beginnings Prenatal training;  Previous studio owner/director at Firefly Yoga & Wellness in Lawrenceville, NJ.


You can find Natalie teaching weekly at Black Sheep Yoga Studio in Oceanside, CA on Sunday nights, for an extended, all-level Hatha and Meditation class (5 - 6:30 PM PDT). Please join us for class---- beginners welcome! Mention how you found the class upon check-in for discount.